How are the Frutiko bouquets made?

Hand-Made Fruit Flower arrangements and Sweet Boxes Frutiko are prepared from the finest fruit, the highest quality Belgian chocolate or freshly baked muffins which will certainly meet your expectation of an untraditional and luxury present made only from the first class ingredients. Flowers and Sweet boxes are hand-crafted at the same day of the planned delivery only from freshest fruit which is cleaned and cut into pieces. All flowers and sweet boxes are presented in a package form wrapped in a plastic wrap / foil or in a box with a lovely ribbon and of course a gift card that includes the personal message for the recipient. Since all our Fruit Flowers do not include any additional sweeteners or preservative, Fruit Flowers Frutiko are a perfect gift also for small kids or women who count cautiously every calorie. Fruit in the Fruit Flowers or sweet boxes is not chemically treated, only cleaned and depending on the order also covered in chocolate.

Fruit and Chocolate Flowers

Fruit Flowers from fresh fruit and Belgian chocolate Callebaut are prepared shortly before the delivery or before a personal pick up by the customer. Before the actual arrangement into a bouquet, every single piece of fruit is carefully selected; it is first washed and the whole arrangement is packaged and delivered cooled thanks to the refrigerators in our cars.

Fruit Sweet Boxes

Luxury Fruit Sweet Boxes are boxes with fresh fruit covered in Belgian Chocolate, decorated with nuts, almonds, coconut and chocolate chunks/chips. Boxes mostly they include strawberries, bananas, apples or pine-apple in chocolate. In some you can find pears, melons or wild berries. They are to be stored in the same way such as the Fruit Flowers.

Cake Flowers, Muffins and Cupcakes

Our fresh muffins are baked from essentially first class ingredients such as milk, butter, sunflower oil, eggs, flour and powdered ground roasted cocoa. These are then decorated with Belgian chocolate and/or colourful fondant. They can include allergens such as gluten, milk, eggs or soya. When kept in dry and cold they will stay fresh for about two or three days from the date of delivery, if covered in a plastic wrap. 


The most used ingredients:

  • Strawberries

    Throughout the whole year we guarantee delicious red sweet strawberries. In winter we use strawberries imported from Egypt or Spain, during the year from Holland and in the summer from local Czech suppliers.

  • Pineapple

    We use best quality Dole pineapples, which are juicy and sweet throughout the whole year.

  • Melons

    You can find exotic melons such as Honeydew, Cantaloup and Galia in the Frutiko bouquets.

  • Oranges

    Medium size seedless juicy oranges with a lot of vitamin C.

  • Apples Granny Smith

    Crispy slightly sour apples Granny Smith are great in combination with semi-sweet Belgian chocolate Callebaut.

  • Grapes

    Balls of juicy dark and green grapes on skewer complement each fruit arrangement.

  • Kiwi

    Large solid kiwis from sunny Greece are cut into the shape of flowers.

  • Bananas

    Ripe but firm Chiquita banana pieces are added to the arrangements covered with Belgian chocolate.

  • Callebaut Chocolate

    Belgian chocolate with high cocoa content doesn't contain fats but only cocoa butter. You can find mostly dark semi-sweet chocolate inside the bouquets, but some contain white or milk chocolate too.


Fruit bouquets without chocolate contain no allergens. If the honoree has any fruit allergy please write it to the order notes so that we can replace it with another kind of fruit. Belgian Callebaut chocolate doesn't contains milk only cocoa and cocoa butter, but there can be traces of milk and white chocolate contains milk powder. The bouquets can also contain traces of nuts, which are used to decorate some pieces of fruit. Detailed ingredients and allergens can be found on each product.


Fruit bouquets contain only fresh unpasteurized fruit, so please unpack and enjoy them immediately upon delivery. If you can not eat the whole flower, remove the remaining fruit from skewers and place it in the fridge in food boxes. Consume within max. 24 hours stored cooled up to 5 degrees.