What Frutiko flowers consist of and how are they created?

Ovocne_kytice_Frutiko_jak_se_vyrabiHand-arranged Frutiko bouquets and choco-fruit boxes are made ​​from the best quality fruit and Belgian chocolate, and meet your high expectations for unusual and beautiful gift.

Fruit flowers and choco-fruit boxes are made from carefully selected fresh fruit, which is cleaned and chopped into pieces.Cake flowers are new in market but they already attract many people as an alternative to the usual cake.

Healthy gift no sweeteners and preservatives

Frutiko bouquets and chocolate boxes are suitable as a gift for children or a pregnant women as tehy contain no sweeteners or preservatives. Choco fruit boxes and fruit flowers are not chemically treated, and theyare only cleaned and sometimes decorated with quality chocolate.

Frutiko offers also fruit flowers without chocolate such as For Pleasure and Tulip Paradise which are suitable for people who prefer diet products. Chocolate lovers can choose from a variety of chocolate bouquets, again made from pieces of fresh fruit dipped in chocolate. If you want to order cake bouquets you can order delicious Chocolate cake.

Some of our products include nuts and because of this they may not be suitable for people with allergies to nuts or related products. People with allergy to gluten or with diabetes are recommended to order a bouquet without chocolate, as the chocolate used is not gluten-free or diabetic. If the recipient has an allergy to a certain type of fruit, it is your responsibility to write this information to comments section during the order.

Personalized gifts due to your wishes and preferences of the honoree

Frutiko has more than 50  models of flower bouquets and 15 models of fruit in chocolate boxes from which you can choose according to the occasion, fruit preferences, cake preferences and size of the bouquet. During the order you can add extra products like an extra chocolate, pineapple heart with your message, balloon, name and number from pineapple and many other extra gifts.

Express delivery and easy online ordering system

Frutiko.cz offers gifts that you can easily order online also via tablet or smart phone, you can choose one of mobile payment methods. You can send your gift directly to receiver’s home or office.

Bouquets and chocolates are intended for immediate consumption and they will bring you jo immediately after delivery. If you can't consume them immediately, store them in a cool place in original container and eat them within a few hours after delivery. Cake flowers should be eaten in 48 hours.

Check out the video How to make a fruit bouquet?

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