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Choco-Flower Frutiko
From 899.00 Kč 799.00 Kč
Fruit Bouquet Frutiko
From 999.00 Kč
Fruit Bouquet Frutiko
From 699.00 Kč
Fruit Bouquet Frutiko
From 1,199.00 Kč
ChocoFruit Box Frutiko
From 449.00 Kč 349.00 Kč
Fruit Bouquet Frutiko
From 949.00 Kč
Fruit Bouquet Frutiko
499.00 Kč
Fruit Bouquet Frutiko
From 2,999.00 Kč

Online Flowers Prague and gifts of fruit

The original edible fruit flowers in Prague were welcomed positively and  fruit chocolate boxes and fruit bouquets became a hit. Delicious bouquet of fruit and chocolate became popular gift in Prague. Original Frutiko flowers gifts are produced only from fresh fruit and quality chocolate. You can add free gift card with your personal message on your flower. Just Praha flowers and gifts delivery option is available now. It is new trend to order online flowers and gifts in Prague.

Prague loves fruit flowers

Frutiko produces fruit flowers and gifts seven days a week always fresh. Prague fruit bouquets are great gift for Christmas 2013 in Prague or as a wedding decoration. You can order fruit flowers online and just for now flower delivery in Prague is available! It is just as unconventional delicious gift for any occasion and surpass the classical flowers.

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