Get your money back sending gift for friends - Frutiko Club

Frutiko Club: Send gift to friend in Prague and get cashback up to 250 CZK


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Frutiko Fruit Club - Get bonus strawberries according to your purchase in the value among 50 - 150- Kč by ordering fruit flowers for yourself or by sending flowers to your friends in Prague, and use them as a discount on your next purchase. Our registered customer can benefit from special promotions when sending gifts for friend in Prague. For more information visit Frutiko login page.

Enjoy 100 CZK by sending a photo of you and Frutiko flowers!

Surprising your friend or family member with a Frutiko fruit bouquet or sharing your flower with people around you is a special moment. Take a picture of you or your friends with Frutiko fruit flower; send it to us by email at and you will get a 100 Kč discount voucher for your next purchase at

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Sign up for free and get 50 CZK for each invited friend, who will order through your discount coupon. Members of Frutiko club, log in.