Choice of flowers: color, type, number

How to choose a flower for a woman, man, colleague, partner, young girl or grandmother?

Giving flowers is always a good idea, whether it's for anniversarybirthdaygraduation, end of the school year, Valentine's Day, first date or just because.

However, gifting flowers has its own rules or etiquette that says what flower is suitable for what occasion. If to choose colorful or subtle, what color, what type and number of flowers to choose, and whether a small flower or a large bouquet is more appropriate.

Choice of flowers: color, type, number

Frequently asked questions about choosing flowers:


When shall a man send flowers to a woman?

When to give a woman a flower? Giving a flower is appropriate for really any occasion, especially a man should not forget to send his wife flowers on anniversaries, birthdays and namedays, and possibly also on Valentine's Day and International women's Day.


What flowers to choose for a woman?

A flower for a woman should be:

  • tied in a round
  • colourful and fragrant
  • delicate, decorated with a bow or beads
  • the younger the woman the more colours
  • for older women, subtle muted colours or monochrome


What kind of flower for a man?

It is suitable to give a flower to men, for example, as an award for some performance (athletes, actors after a performance), for a birthday, graduation, as a thank you (to a doctor, a teacher), etc. A bouquet for a man should be:

  • Bound in height
  • Less colourful and not as fragrant as for a woman
  • Without ribbons, beads or other decorations
  • Contain 'masculine' elements such as thistles, ferns, anthuriums or strelitia
  • May be blue in colour or contain blue roses

We also recommend Sausage bouquets for men.


What flowers to give from love?

A flower for a woman from love should be romantic and passionate. The traditional symbol of love is red roses, so you should not give red roses to a woman you do not know well, or with whom you have only a friendly or working relationship. We tie red roses into beautiful bouquets, both small bouquets of five to nine roses with decorations, and large bouquets of fifty to one hundred red roses. We also offer luxury hat boxes of red roses.


What kind of flower to bring on a date?

A single rose or a small bouquet of meadow flowers is best for a first date. On a date with a girl you will probably go for a walk, to the cinema or a restaurant and the flower should therefore be small and light so that it is easy to carry. If you're going on a second date with the same girl, don't be afraid to bring a flower that's a little bigger.


What flowers for a wedding?

How and according to what to choose flowers for the wedding? When choosing, take into account the date of the wedding (season), the venue and the style of the wedding decoration. In addition to the bridal bouquet, which will be carried by the bride, you will also need flowers for the mother of the bride and bridesmaids, as well as floral wedding decorations or flowers for the wedding arch - the archway.

Wedding flowers according to the season - you can choose seasonal flowers, in spring tulips, lilies, hydrangeas, freesias or resins, in summer sunflowers, calla lilies, peonies or poppies, in winter mistletoe, pine needles or gypsophila.

The shape of the bridal bouquet - the flower for the bride is most often round, but it can also be an oversized one that falls down when held in the hand.

Match the colour of the wedding flowers to the wedding decor and wedding refreshments. In addition to white and cream, pink and old pink flowers such as roses, peonies, eustomas and resins are popular. 

Dried flowers for weddings are increasingly popular, led by pampas grass and other grasses, grains, poppies and lavender.


What flower should the groom have at the wedding?

The flower on the lapel of the groom's jacket called boutonnière should always match the bride's wedding bouquet. Usually it is a single flower, a bud or a tiny bunch of one or two types of flowers. The boutonnière or "buttonhole" is also worn by the best man or the bride and groom's dads.


What type and how many flowers to give for Valentine's Day?

The most popular flowers for Valentine's Day are red roses, which symbolize love and passion. However, many men choose romantic pink or elegant white flowers for their partners or choose a flower in their love's favourite colour. Roses and tulips are popular not only tied in a puget, but also in elegant hat boxes - flowerboxes. We recommend heart-shaped rose boxes, which can be complemented with champagne or prosecco or chocolate-covered strawberries.

As for the number of flowers for Valentine's Day, that's entirely up to you. For some, Valentine's Day is a fringe holiday and they choose "just" one rose, some couples celebrate Valentine's Day in a big way and quite a few men send 100 or 101 roses to their wives. An even or odd number of flowers is a relic, no need to even address it. But some people, out of superstition, prefer to send an odd number of flowers anyway.


What flower is suitable to buy for birthday?

How to choose a birthday bouquet? Ideally, the birthday-flower should reflect the personality of the birthday boy. If you know what colour or type of flowers he or she likes, make sure the flower contains them. Besides roses, popular birthday flowers include tulips, gerberas or lilies. As we have already written, a colourful birthday bouquet is suitable for a young girl - you can choose a mix of colours and types of flowers. For an older lady, choose subtle, muted colours or a one-colour bouquet.

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