Loyalty programme

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  • Track your order status and history
  • Collect bonus points - 5 Kč for every 100 spent as a discount on your next purchase
  • Recommend Frutiko to friends and get a 10% discount for them and 100 Kč for yourself
  • Get a 100 - 1000 Kč discount on your next purchase in exchange for sharing pics of your order on social media.
Loyalty programme

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Bonus points - 5 CZK for every 100 CZK spent

For each purchase you will receive Frutiko bonus points worth CZK 5 for every CZK 100 spent, which will serve as a discount on your next purchase. For information about the number of your bonus points, log in to your Frutiko account or register. We will also credit you points for previous orders retroactively after registration if you request us to do so by emailing info@frutiko.cz. Points are valid for 6 months, we will notify you of points expiration by email one week in advance.


100 - 1000 CZK for a photo with a fruit bouquet

We want to see the joy in your eyes when you receive your Frutiko bouquet. Share photos of Frutiko products on Instagram or Facebook, tag @Frutiko and we'll send you a 100 Kč discount voucher for your next purchase. In addition, if you create a nice post or reels and post it in your instagram feed, we will send you a voucher up to 1000 CZK depending on the quality of the photos/videos and the number of followers.


100 CZK for sending the discount code to friends

If you send a discount code with a 10% discount to your friend by email and he places an order with this code, we will send you a discount code worth 100 CZK for you.

Markéta Zapletalíková

Markéta Zapletalíková
Frutiko objednávám již více než 5 let nejen rodině ale i obchodním partnerům a vždy jsou všichni spokojení.

Kamila Svačinová

Kamila Svačinová
Od té doby, co Frutiko prodává i klobásové kytice, dorty a květiny už neobjednávám žádné jiné dárky.

Lucie Vyskočilová

Lucie Vyskočilová
Na jahodách a banánech v belgické čokoládě ujíždí celá naše rodina.

Wow effect

moment of surprise and excitement receiving the gift


healthy yet versatile gift for everyone

TOP quality

ingredients, fruit and chocolate, handmade

100% Freshness

bouquets made just before delivery, shipped chilled

Excellent service

customer satisfaction guarantee