Wedding catering

We will be pleased to prepare the best wedding cake, wedding flowers or bouquets and more desserts and sweets on your wedding in Prague, Czech Republic. Our confectioners make delicious wedding cupcakes, cake popsicles and macaroons too and we deliver them to any wedding venue in Prague and Middle Bohemia.

We match the design of the wedding catering with the color and style of your wedding decoration. You can choose ingredients and flavors according to your taste.

We deliver all desserts, sweets and refreshment for the wedding reception in cooling cars to any place in Central Bohemian region for additional delivery fee 500 czk.

Wedding catering

Popular wedding refreshments

Wedding cakes

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

from 989 Kč

3 Tier Wedding cake

3 Tier Wedding cake

from 7 699 Kč

Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Bouquet

from 1 869 Kč

Wedding Package

Wedding Package

3 849 Kč

Our wedding offer

  • A two- or three-tiered wedding cake
  • Desserts - cupcakes, cake pops, cake popsicles, macaroons
  • Flowers for the bride, bridesmaids, lapels and on the table
  • Fruit bouquets for banquets or wedding tables
  • Strawberries and fruit in chocolate for a welcome drink
  • Wedding favors - chocolate covered fruit, cookies, macaroons
  • A gift for newlyweds
Our wedding offer

Frequent questions

  • What are the delivery conditions? We deliver wedding catering only in Prague and Central Bohemia. Shipping price is 219/249 czk plus 500 czk extra for cooling and packaging.
  • How does the delivery work? We deliver your wedding order at the set time in cooling car and our driver will help you taking it out on the wedding reception.
  • When shall i place order? We recommend to order couple of weeks ago, latest 5 days before the wedding.
  • Do you prepare custom wedding cakes, flowers and refreshment? Yes. You can choose the look and taste. We match the color, design, flavor with your preferences.
Frequent questions
Delivery in Prague

Delivery in Prague

  • Prague delivery

    500 czk + 219 czk
Central Bohemia Delivery

Central Bohemia Delivery

  • Central Bohemia Delivery

    500 czk + 249 czk
Personal pickup

Personal pickup

  • Personal pickup


Review form the newlyweds

We asked Frutiko to prepare everything for our sweet bar - cake, cupcakes, strawberries in chocolate, big fruit flower and cake popsicles on stick, all for 60 people.

The wedding cake was delicious with light sour cream - whipped cream filling with strawberries and forest fruit. Everybody enjoyed it and it was also very nice design.

We loved the strawberries in chocolate, especially those looking like a bride and groom, which we gave out with the champagne toast.

Review form the newlyweds

Wedding order example 1

  • Wedding cake 2 store 60 people - 6 000 Czk
  • Big fruit flower for sweet bar - 1 700 Czk
  • Cupcakes 50 pieces - 2 800 Czk
  • Cake popiscles 50 pieces - 2 750 Czk
  • Plate of chocolate dipped strawberries 50 pc - 1 500 Czk
  • Strawberries in chocolate bride & groom 50 pc - 1 500 Czk
  • Wedding bouquet for bride 2 500 Czk
  • Wedding flowers for witness & groom lapel flower - 1 500 Czk

Price total 20 250 Czk, delivery fee 750 Czk

Wedding order example 2

  • Three tier cake for 80 people - 8 000 Czk
  • Wedding bouquets for bride, mum, witness & groom lapel - 4 000 Czk
  • Flower decoration for tables - 2 000 Czk
  • Big fruit bouquet - 2 000 Czk
  • Plate of fruit in chocolate for 100 people - 3 000 Czk
  • Cupcakes, popcakes and cake-popsicles 50 pcs each - 7 500 Czk

Total price 26 500 Czk

We will deliver your wedding flowers, wedding cake and other wedding refreshments beautiful and fresh with our refrigerated trucks in Prague and Central Bohemia. We will arrange your order with you in such a way that the entire catering, flowers and cake match the color and design of your wedding. You can choose the flavors of cakes and mini-desserts according to your preferences and the tastes of you and your guests.

Wow effect

moment of surprise and excitement receiving the gift


healthy yet versatile gift for everyone

TOP quality

ingredients, fruit and chocolate, handmade

100% Freshness

bouquets made just before delivery, shipped chilled

Excellent service

customer satisfaction guarantee