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Gifts for men

Original gift ideas for men, gifts for boyfriend, gifts for boys

Fruit Dream It is great combination of unique flower and delicious chocolate. Fruit dream is ..

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Chocolate strawberries Chocolate strawberries is original and romantic gift for birthday gif..

from 949 Kč

Chocolate dessert Chocolate dessert is fresh fruit in chocolate, will delight all lovers of q..

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Chocolate cake Chocolate cake in the shape of a beautiful bouquet made ​​of small cakes in th..

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Flower From Love Fruit flower From Love is an original and unique way to say I love you!..

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Happy Anniversary It is hard to find a unique and nice gift for anniversary that would please..

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Luxury heartshaped box of blue roses - Black Blue roses belong to the very scarce type of ros..

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Luxury heartshaped box of blue roses - White Blue roses belong to the very scarce type of ros..

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Healthy snack Fruit flower Healthy Snack brings you rich selection of juicy fruit both from e..

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Blue roses in a box For Dad Daddy's are mostly gifts of food or drink. But flowers for dads a..

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Blue roses in a box For Dad Daddy's are mostly gifts of food or drink. But flowers for dads a..

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Blue cake with fondant flowers and hearts Blue Cake created from freshly baked delicious coco..

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Bouquet of blue roses Bouquet of Roses in the number of their choice as a gift to please eve..

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White luxury box full of blue roses and chrysanthemum Roses boxes have recently been trendy p..

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Holiday Bouquet- the best refreshing fruit flower Holiday bouquet is a combination of fresh f..

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Football Fruti Flower Do you have a football fan or soccer player home? We have prepared a gi..

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Football Strawberries Football Strawberries is made from fresh strawberries dipped in qualit..

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Fruit Festival Fruit festival will bring you the feeling of summer festival in any season. Fr..

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Fruit mix  Fruit mix  is chocolate box which created from various types of fresh fr..

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White Apron with image of Chef The lovely apron with an image of Chef is made of organic..

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Men's T-Shirt Groom to be... Nice white baby body short sleeve organic cotton with blue image..

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Fruit Bouquet Summer Love The summer bouquet will make happy not only your eyes but also with..

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Winter Cupcakes Taste and colourfulness of this Winter muffins decorated with snowflakes will..

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Unusual gifts for men

Gifts for men from fruit and chocolate are a great tip for an unusual gift for any occasion. We can send the fruit bouquet or choco-fruit boxes to your husband or to your boyfriend to work or to home. Bouquet from fruit is also unique gift for men as a gift for birthday. Fruit bouquet is not just an original, but also delicious gift for love.

Unique gift for man, gift ideas for men, gift ideas for boys

If you are looking for birthday gift, Christmas gift or any special occasion gift for men you don't need to search anymore. Fruit bouquets, cake flowers and choco-boxes are great as a gift for boyfriend, friend, gift for dad or even grandfather. Fruit gufts represent an unusual and healthy option to sausage or cigarettes bouquet. Fresh fruit bouquets and delicious fruit in chocolate boxes are suitable gifts for men.