Colorful Strawberries

Strawberries, Dark chocolate, White chocolate, Springles,

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Colorful Strawberries

Colorful Strawberries is original fruit and chocolate boxes made ​​with fresh strawberries and quality chocolate with colorful sprinkles. This sweet  box of  colorful strawberries in chocolate delight all children. Fresh sweet strawberries dipped in chocolate with colorful sprinkles,it  is a healthy original gift not only for kids.Standard boxes contains 15 pieces of fruit in chocolate, Big boxes contains 20 pieces of strawberries in chocolate.

If you want to say thank you to your colleagues or if you are sorry to make your love ones sad and You don'y know how to fix it this colorful strawberry box or any choco-fruit boxes will work great and make people happy.

milk, soya

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My friends sent me this delicious colorful strawberries for my birthday. Strawberries were fresh and the chocolate covering outside was really tasty! :) I can recommend this as an enjoyable birthday gift for your loved ones ! :)