Cake heart Popcakes I love you


Ingredients: Hazelnuts, Popcakes, Cookies, Dark chocolate, White chocolate, Chocolate pieces, Colorful chocolate pieces, Pink chocolate curls, Cocoa, Food colour, Chocolate, Coconut

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40 pcs 1 039 Kč

Cake Heart I love you from popcakes

Are you looking for an unusual and surprisingly delicious present for your love

Frutiko heart cake is made in heart shape and is designed for everyone in love It is made of fresh baked and delicious popcakes and is decorated with delicious chocolate, crushed with crushed hazelnuts and various pastry decorations. Give your loved ones this heart and express how you like them. Together we deliver the beautiful inscription of the biscuit: "I love you".

What is a popcake? Popcakes are sweets on stick, surprisingly delicious. Together with the irresistably attractive decoration such as nuts, coconut and colourful sprinkle.

You can order your presents from Frutiko online and we will deliver it throughout the Czech Republic for CZK 99. Together with the Popcakes, you can also buy a bouquet of roses or luxury box of freshly cut tulips or carnations from the Netherlands!

sója, ořechy, lepek, vejce, kokos, mléko

How long will baked products last?

Cakes, cupcakes, cake bouquets and other desserts are recommended to be consumed as soon as possible, ideally immediately after delivery or within 24 hours. Final products are prepared fresh just before delivery, while cake shells and the dough are baked one day in advance. Keep products that contain cream in the fridge, cake bouquets without cream can be stored in a cool place. The maximum product life is 48 hours, after this time the cream may start to spoil and the sponge may start to harden.

How do you deliver products?

All products are transported around Prague and the Central Bohemia region by our drivers in refrigerated trucks. To other cities of the Czech Republic they are delivered by Messenger courier service in thermoboxes with dry ice and coolers.

Customer reviews

Vera Popovicova


Bezchybná služba, doručení v přesně domuveném čase, dárek krásný a nesmírně chutný, překvapeni veliké, radost obrovská... děkuji

Markéta Drápalová


Krásné a chuťově výborné. Moc potěšilo.

Martina Jankovská


Naprostá spokojenost. Srdce doručené včas, předání bez jakýchkoli problému a opravdu jsme si pochutnali. Všechno skvělé, opravdu vřele doporučuji!!!

Veronika Runštuková


Toto srdce z Popcakes vypadá ve skutečnosti daleko lépe než na obrázku. Navíc je těsto chutné a voňavé. Je to skvělý dárek pro milovaného člověka.

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Wow effect

moment of surprise and excitement receiving the gift


healthy yet versatile gift for everyone

TOP quality

ingredients, fruit and chocolate, handmade

100% Freshness

bouquets made just before delivery, shipped chilled

Excellent service

customer satisfaction guarantee