Halloween Pumpkin Box


Ingredients: Santiny, Eucalyptus, Spray Roses , Hypericum, Pumpkin

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Halloween autumn box with pumpkin

This beautiful autumn flowerbox decorated with a mini size orange Hokkaido pumpkin on a skewer, also contains chrysanthemum santini, St. John's wort, clustered roses and eucalyptus. The colors of autumn - orange, red and dark green evoke the mood of sunny autumn days and falling leaves.

Mini-sized pumpkins as autumn decoration

Small dwarf pumpkins of various colors and shapes are very popular as autumn/halloween decorations for the home, balcony and garden. A great way to use ornamental pumpkins is just to skewer them and stick them in a vase with flowers, in flower boxes or in autumn/winter garden chest.

What flowers on Day of the Dead?

If you're going to honor the dead on All Souls Day on November 2, a flower box in autumn colors with pumpkins is ideal as it will last a long time. The flowers and decorative pumpkin on a skewer are encased in a special florist's compound that holds water. Most common mourning or funeral flowers are chrysanthemums and lilies in muted subtle colors, as they last the longest in autumn weather.

How to care for flowers?

Store flowers and flower boxes in a bright place at room temperature. Do not expose them to excessive heat or sunlight on a window or near a heater. Change the water of the flowers and cut the stems once every two to three days. Pour a small amount of water into the flowerbox every other day.

How long do flowers last?

Flowers in bouquets and flowerboxes will last aprox a week according to your care.

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