Pink bouquet from popcakes


Ingredients: Chocolate, White chocolate, Strawberry chocolate, Cocoa, Popcakes, Red Cocoa Butter

Size: Amount Price
30 pcs 839 Kč
45 pcs 1 129 Kč
60 pcs 1 419 Kč

Pink bouquet of popcakes and muffins - the most amazing surprise

Popcakes are a variety of cake pieces wrapped in high-quality chocolates squeezed at the tip of a skewer. And that has great advantages - no cutting, cutting, mess, and mostly no residue. Just take a delicious piece to grab a spoon and enjoy a fresh dessert. The pieces of popcakes are wrapped in genuine Belgian chocolate, they are shaped into beads or roses and together they make a beautiful bouquet. Just bite.

Pink goodness for every sweet lovers.

Cake bouquet Pink popcake is ideal for a birthday party or a surprise for the woman you care about and for any occasion. With delivery throughout the Czech Republic, we will take care of transport and surprise. Take a look at the assortment of original gifts and add them to the cake flower as a nice extra surprise.

mléko, sója, lepek, vejce

Chocolate - sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: E322 SOYA lecithin, flavouring, vegetable fat (palm kernel, coconut), White chocolate - MILK powder, lactose., Strawberry chocolate - MILK powder, colour: E120,E129, glycerol (422), lecitin (322), Cocoa, Popcakes - wheat flour, sugar, vegetable fat (palm and sunflower), modified starch, dextrose, dried egg whites, baking powder (E450, E500), non-fat dried milk, moisture regulator: sorbitol. emulsifiers: soya lecithin, E472e, salt, aroma., Cocoa butter, freeze-dried strawberry powder, sugar, whole MILK powder, natural vanilla flavouring, Powder dye E129. (may adversely affect children's attention)

How long will baked products last?

Cakes, cupcakes, cake bouquets and other desserts are recommended to be consumed as soon as possible, ideally immediately after delivery or within 24 hours. Final products are prepared fresh just before delivery, while cake shells and the dough are baked one day in advance. Keep products that contain cream in the fridge, cake bouquets without cream can be stored in a cool place. The maximum product life is 48 hours, after this time the cream may start to spoil and the sponge may start to harden.

How do you deliver products?

All products are transported around Prague and the Central Bohemia region by our drivers in refrigerated trucks. To other cities of the Czech Republic they are delivered by Messenger courier service in thermoboxes with dry ice and coolers.

Customer reviews

Monika Čopíková


Odesláno jako překvapení a dárek k narozeninám, snad chutnalo. Dodání proběhlo bez problémů, dle objednávky.

Aneta Š.


V dnešní těžké době, kdy se nemůžeme vídat se svými nejbližšími, je Frutiko jedna ze skvělých možností, jak vykouzlit úsměv a zároveň uspokojit bříško mlsounů. Já obdarovala své rodiče. Byli dojatí ? děkuji Frutiko.

Zdeňka T.


Růžový dort z popcake jsem objednala jako překvapení kamarádce. Vypadal přesně jako na obrázku a udělal obrovskou radost. Doručení bez problému, objednáno den předem. Moc děkuji za tuto možnost někoho na dálku potěšit :D



Růžový dort z popcake-vzhled-přesně podle fotky
chuť -velmi dobré

Hana Hamerníková


Kytičku - růžový dort z popcake jsem objednala mamce ke Dni matek jako překvapení. Překvapená skutečně byla, ale hlavně kytička vypadala nádherně a byla skutečně čerstvá. Doručení proběhlo bez problémů a v objednaném časovém termínu.
Ještě jednou moc děkuji

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Wow effect

moment of surprise and excitement receiving the gift


healthy yet versatile gift for everyone

TOP quality

ingredients, fruit and chocolate, handmade

100% Freshness

bouquets made just before delivery, shipped chilled

Excellent service

customer satisfaction guarantee