Pink Cake
Pink Cake Pink Cake Pink Cake Pink Cake

Pink Cake

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Pink Cake

Pink Cake created from small cakes decorated with pink strawberry flovered chocolate and white chocolate arranged into bouquets will especially delight  the ladies and girls as a special gifts for women. If your partner or friend likes pink chocolate and original gifts you can check also rose garden bouquet which is filled full fresh fruits and delicious pink chocolate. To say happy birthday, love you or just for fun you can order for your love and courier deliver this beautiful and delicious pink cake . For any special occasion visit and choose delicious gift from fruit flowers, cake flower or choco-fruit boxes to make your dear happy.

If your partner or friend like pink chocolate also you can try to send bouquet of roses which looks like directly alive only difference is you can eat all. Tips for unusual gifts you with Frutiko in your pocket, all fruit, chocolate, cake and delicious bouquet and fruit boxes inspire gifts for girls and ladies of all ages!

milk, soya, gluten, egg

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Obdaroval jsem touto kyticí sestru a byla velice mile potěšená i když jsem neochutnal, musím uznat, že vypadala opravdu krásně. Děkuji. /////Růžovou kytičku mi poslala rodina přímo do porodnice. Byla to rozně nejoriginálnější gratulace k narození Amálky, co jsem dostala.