Spring Strawberries


Ingredients: Strawberry, White chocolate, Strawberry chocolate, Chocolate decorations, Sugar crystals, Red Cocoa Butter, Chocolate

Size: Amount Weight Price
9 pcs 0.20 kg 459 Kč 419 Kč
12 pcs 0.50 kg 579 Kč 539 Kč
18 pcs 0.70 kg 749 Kč 709 Kč
25 pcs 0.90 kg 979 Kč 939 Kč

Spring Strawberries

Juicy strawberries dipped in white Belgian chocolate, which is coloured yellow and pink. Filled with Belgian chocolate dipped strawberries, decorated with sugar sprinkles and chocolate chunks, this unique candy is the perfect gift for women and young girls. On request, we can prepare strawberries for boys and men in blue or any other colour. We will customize the colors and decorations to your liking and deliver fresh and chilled strawberries anywhere in the country.

mléko, sója

How do you deliver products?

All products are transported around Prague and the Central Bohemia region by our drivers in refrigerated trucks. To other cities of the Czech Republic they are delivered by Messenger courier service in thermoboxes with dry ice and coolers.

How long will the fruit last?

Fruit bouquets and chocolates must be consumed within 24 hours of delivery. Remove uneaten leftovers from skewers and packaging, place in a resealable food box and refrigerate. Consume as soon as possible.

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Wow effect

moment of surprise and excitement receiving the gift


healthy yet versatile gift for everyone

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ingredients, fruit and chocolate, handmade

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bouquets made just before delivery, shipped chilled

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