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Healthy gifts for children, celebration gift for baby birth

Sprinkle Star The choco-fruit box Sprinkle Star consists of juicy pieces of star-shaped pinea..
ChocoFruit Box Frutiko
From 449 Kč
Ex Tax: 390.43 Kč
Smiley Cupcakes Smiley cupcakes are vibrant muffins covered with yellow fondant and, as their..
From 399 Kč
Ex Tax: 346.96 Kč
Nice day bouquet Bouquet of Nice Day s great surprise your loved ones as a Birthday gift, Val..
Fruit Bouquet Frutiko
499 Kč
Ex Tax: 433.91 Kč
Healthy snack Fruit flower Healthy Snack brings you rich selection of juicy fruit both from e..
Fruit Bouquet Frutiko
549 Kč
Ex Tax: 477.39 Kč
For You For You flower which is perfect blend of roses in edible bouquet of fresh fruit."For ..
Choco-Flower Frutiko
From 899 Kč
Ex Tax: 781.74 Kč
Cheerful greeting Cheerful greeting is the most delicious way to make your friends smiling. I..
Cake Flower Frutiko
From 699 Kč
Ex Tax: 607.83 Kč
For Pleasure Flower For Pleasure made of fresh fruit - pineapple, grapes, green apples, orang..
Fruit Bouquet Frutiko
From 699 Kč
Ex Tax: 607.83 Kč
Cakes for children Light and healthy children's cake is arranged with small cakes dipped in c..
Cake Flower Frutiko
From 649 Kč
Ex Tax: 564.35 Kč
Colorful Strawberries Colorful Strawberries is original fruit and chocolate boxes made ​..
ChocoFruit Box Frutiko
From 449 Kč
Ex Tax: 390.43 Kč
Coconut snow Coconut snow is edible bouquet of fresh fruit, which looks very elegant and als..
Choco-Flower Frutiko
From 749 Kč
Ex Tax: 651.30 Kč
Bouquet of candy Bouquet of candy is sweet gift for loved ones and also original gift fo..
Choco-Flower Frutiko
From 949 Kč
Ex Tax: 825.22 Kč
Baby Flower Baby bouquet is special gift for mother and her beautiful baby to congratulate ne..
Choco-Flower Frutiko
From 849 Kč
Ex Tax: 738.26 Kč

Healthy gifts for children

We are dealing with gifts for children several times a year, whether we need a gift for baby birth, gift for children's birthday or we are looking for a perfect Children Day's gift. Giving fruit flowers is a wonderful way to make children happy. Frutiko chocolate boxes and fruit bouquets are replacing usual gifts in the field of children’s gifts. And furthermore, Frutiko cake flowers are more delicious and healthy than any chocolate cake.

Gifts for children and cakes from fruit for birthday

Now you can please the whole family by ordering a gift created from fresh fruit full of vitamins. Fruit arrangements will make any children’s party truly unforgettable. Fruit bouquet can be an original way how to say congratulations to the new mother and her baby. Unlike the traditional bouquet form flowers, you can bring this gift for baby's birth directly to the hospital. Nothing is more ideal as gift for kids, as a gift for the birth of the baby or even as a party gift than the healthy bouquet made from fresh fruit. The new healthy trend bringing the chocolate bouquet from fresh fruit replaced classic chocolate cakes for children. Follow this trend and celebrate Children's Day 2016 with Frutiko fruit flowers.

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