Cake number


Ingredients: Strawberry, Forestfruit, Mascarpone cream, Cocoa, Sponge cake

Preorder 3 days Only Prague & Surroundings
Size: Height Šířka Délka Price
8 cm 10 cm 30 cm 919 Kč
8 cm 10 cm 30 cm 1 849 Kč
8 cm 10 cm 30 cm 2 769 Kč

Cake in the shape of a number

This beautiful number cake made of delicate pastry and fluffy cream is decorated with raspberries, strawberries, flowers, and macaroons. The vibrant flowers, which are a modern cake decoration, are not edible and the stems are wrapped in foil so they don't overwhelm the delicious cream. Recipes for the Number cake vary widely. Some people use cake tart or honey cookie dough. In addition to the traditional (and delicious) honey cake, we also bake a Red Velvet or classic light or cocoa cake, which we shape into a number using a number-shaped baking tin. The number cake is naked - it is not covered with cream or fondant, and you can see right inside the cake to the individual cake tiers (the cake has three tiers of cake body and cream). Due to its fragility, we only deliver this cake in and around Prague. To other cities, we deliver a number-shaped cake covered with fondant.

mléko, sója, lepek, vejce

How long will baked products last?

Cakes, cupcakes, cake bouquets and other desserts are recommended to be consumed as soon as possible, ideally immediately after delivery or within 24 hours. Final products are prepared fresh just before delivery, while cake shells and the dough are baked one day in advance. Keep products that contain cream in the fridge, cake bouquets without cream can be stored in a cool place. The maximum product life is 48 hours, after this time the cream may start to spoil and the sponge may start to harden.

How do you deliver products?

All products are transported around Prague and the Central Bohemia region by our drivers in refrigerated trucks. To other cities of the Czech Republic they are delivered by Messenger courier service in thermoboxes with dry ice and coolers.

How much in advance shall I order cake?

You need to place an order for cake at least three days before delivery but we recommend to order more days in advance.

Customer reviews



Спасибо ребятам из frutiko за помощь в поздравлении сына с Днём рождения! Заказывали торт «Номер торта» и цветок из овощей и колбасок «Вечеринка». Заказ оформляли из Украины на русском языке. Очень переживали, всё ли получится, но всё получилось! Чёткая организация, качественные продукты от frutiko и радостные эмоции у нашего сына! Очень рекомендую!

Duaa sareshwala


The cake was fantastic ,, very yum and well made .. everybody absolutely loved the way the cake looked and more how it tasted,
The delivery was on time and I must say that ordering from fruitiko was a good experience.
I will definitely do it again .
Thanks so much for making my day beautiful.

Irena Stejskalová


Kvalita, spolehlivost :-):-):-)

Ilona T.


Dort byl velmi dobrý. Doručení bez problému. K nějaké příležitosti tu zase něco objednám.

Martina Faturová


Naprostá spokojenost, dort udělal obrovskou radost a chutnal výtečně! Doručení perfektní, pán milý a velmi ochotný. Děkujeme!

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