Big Fruit&Vegetable Basket


Ingredients: Lettuce, Pineapple, Grapes, Strawberry, Kiwi, Apple, Banana, Orange, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber, Pear, Lemon, Pepper, Carrot

Size: Height Weight Price
35 cm 5.00 kg 1 149 Kč
40 cm 7.00 kg 1 569 Kč
40 cm 10.00 kg 2 099 Kč

Big Fruit&Vegetable Basket

Large fruit flower Fruit basket which filled with fresh fruit and delicious chocolate is suitable for celebration, receptions   or as snacks and decorations for. corporate parties. Also it fits another great big events like a wedding as an additional to Wedding bouquet, big bouquet of fruit and chocolate as a great for wedding decoration and other events. Make your events unforgettable with Frutiko fruit basket.

Fresh 10 kg of fruits and quality Belgium chocolate together in the non traditional fruit basket will impress everybody . Frutiko carefully create this delicious fruit basket just couple of hours ago from delivery . Fruit basket can be ordered online or by phone our educated customer service is waating to help you. In case of your interest, a larger bouquet for events, Frutiko can arrange custom fruit basket according to your desire.

How do you deliver products?

All products are transported around Prague and the Central Bohemia region by our drivers in refrigerated trucks. To other cities of the Czech Republic they are delivered by Messenger courier service in thermoboxes with dry ice and coolers.

Customer reviews

Linh Nguyen


My husband and I were surprised how fresh the fruits and vegetables in the basket were. Thank Frutiko very much for helping me send this high quality gift to cheer my husband up.

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Wow effect

moment of surprise and excitement receiving the gift


healthy yet versatile gift for everyone

TOP quality

ingredients, fruit and chocolate, handmade

100% Freshness

bouquets made just before delivery, shipped chilled

Excellent service

customer satisfaction guarantee