Plastic Gyro Finger Cube
Plastic Gyro Finger Cube Plastic Gyro Finger Cube

Antistres Plastic Gyro Finger Cube


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Anti-stress Finger Cube Plastic

Grab and fetch the Finger Gyro Cube with one or both hands. It's an ideal treat for people who try to stop biting their nails, quit smoking and all sorts of attention deficit problems. The Finger Cube has an ergonomic shape that exactly sits in your hand.

Plastic Gyro Finger Cube is small enough to have it in your pocket or purse every day. Simple yet discreet entertainment that can be played everywhere. Effective for concentration and thinking.

An original gift for children and adults

The trend of 2017 is a great gift for both small and big fans of this toy. Not only does it help to calm down and concentrate, but they can also do cool tricks with him and race, who can last the longest spin. That's why you can donate Finger Cube for birthday, holiday or just for joy. We delivery throughout the Czech Republic

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