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Thanks and Sorry

Thanks to parents/thanks to teachers with thank you notes

Yellow Rose Bouquet Bouquet of Roses in yellow are very popular among women, but the symboli..

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Luxury heartshaped box of red roses - White It is no secret that red roses symbolize real lov..

1 499 Kč

The white porcelain cup Kiss Our white porcelain mug with red lips suits best as an excellent..

299 Kč

The white porcelain cup with owl Our white porcelain mug with a picture of the favorite cart..

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The white porcelain cup for Luck  Our white porcelain mug with a decor or a green-yellow..

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Sweet surprise Sweet surprise is fruit bouquet created from fresh fruits and fruits in white ..

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Red roses from cake Red roses created from delicious red colored and cocoa flavored cak..

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Juicy Flower Juicy flower represents an irresistible combination of delicious fresh strawber..

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Nice day bouquet Bouquet of Nice Day s great surprise your loved ones as a Birthday gift, Val..

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Tulip Paradise Tulip Paradise takes you into the fruit of paradise. Tulip Paradise is a suit..

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Strawberry flower Strawberry flower is created from the freshest and sweetest strawberries. F..

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Pink Cake Pink Cake created from small cakes decorated with pink strawberry flovered chocola..

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Pineapple Dream Pineapple Dream is edible fruit bouquet full of vitamins, made from pineapple..

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Orange Garden original and tasty fruit decorations. This orange perfection is made up of fresh an..

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For You For You flower which is perfect blend of roses in edible bouquet of fresh fruit."For ..

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Colorful Strawberries Colorful Strawberries is original fruit and chocolate boxes made ​..

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Apples in chocolate Apples in chocolate brings delicious blend of green Granny Smith app..

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Say “Thank you!” to parents and teachers

If you want to thank your family, friends or colleagues in an original way, or if you would like to apologize for something, send them a unique gift, Frutiko fruit bouquet from fresh fruit and chocolate. It is the original way to say ''thank you'' or ''I am sorry''. Order flowers from fruit easily online and they will be delivered  in Prague, Brno or anywhere in the Czech Republic. Fruit bouquets and choco-boxes are also a great way how to thank teachers at the end of the school year. We can always add your thank you note for free. Send these flowers to thank mom on Mother's Day, or give a special gift from fruit and chocolate to your business clients for their cooperation or partnership.

Say “I am sorry!”

It is not easy to ask forgiveness or to say sorry. Frutiko flowers represent a sweet way how to request forgiveness. You can also say sorry with your message which will be attached to your gift.Send your greeting or regret to your loved ones with a fruit bouquet.