News about Frutiko fruit flowers

News about Frutiko fruit flowers

News about Frutiko -new products discounts and surprises

Did you know that there are edible bouquets?

Everyone loves flowers - we send them as a gift to our loved ones, we grow them in a pot at home or enjoy their smell on a walk in the park. But have you ever heard of a bouquet
you can eat? Frutiko is producing unique edible bouquets that are made from fresh fruits and fruit dipped in chocolate.

 You can order this fruit bouquet for you or as a gift for your friends. Flower of fruit looks like a bouquet of real flowers, but when you open it, a great smell of fresh fruits comes out. 
Once you enjoy the beautiful look of the flower, you can go ahead and eat it all! Flower created from fresh fruit and chocolate is delicious and full of vitamins!

 Fruit Bouquets are in Prague now.

Fruit bouquets are a way to please and surprise, this original gift looks and smells nice and tastes great. Online orders and delivery in Prague will allow you to send a unique 
gift from the warmth of your home. The greeting card attached to the fruit flower will express your congratulations, thanks or greetings to your loved ones.Edible bouquets are 
unique gift for those who are really important to you. 
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