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Unconventional original gifts for everyone

The clock in the shape of the pelvis These clock-shaped pans to be placed on the wall will s..

299 Kč

Wall clock emoji Laughter Famous clock in the shape of yellow smileys. This cheerful smiley ..

369 Kč

Wall clock emoji Cool Typical emoticons that you know from Facebook, WhatsApp and other appl..

369 Kč

Plush pillow Emoji Cool Cheerful and comfortable cushion Emoji Love yellow color in the shap..

299 Kč

Photo frame with hearts Glass photo frame with hearts, measuring 10x15cm, designed to stand ..

39 Kč

Moneybox Owl. Teach your kids to save with smart owl. Owl is symbol of wisdom for everyone a..

179 Kč

Moneybox Emoji. Money box in the shape of famous Emoji emoticons is suitable not only for sa..

299 Kč

White porcelain cup with owl Porcelain mug white with colorful owl measuring 9x7 cm will serv..

99 Kč

The white porcelain mug with writing King or Queen Our beautiful white porcelain mug with a d..

129 Kč

The white porcelain mug with funny face of your choice Our beautiful white porcelain mug with..

129 Kč

Mug in the shape Emoji Cheerful porcelain mug in a variety of shapes known as Emoji please ..

299 Kč


345 Kč

Unusual gifts for everyone

To choose gifts for our loved ones or business partners is not always easy. Each of us is different and everyone will be pleased by different gift. But the joy of the right one is a beautiful thing.

Bottle racks, lovely mugs or wall clocks

Original gifts for every occasion order on Gifts will be wrapped in a beautiful gift bag and couriers deliver them throughout the Czech Republic. To learn more about our delivery options, visit the Delivery options Frutiko.