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Flower for children
Flower for children

Children bouquet is special gift for mother and her beautiful baby to congratulate new member of family.

od 899,00 Kč

Minnie fruit flower for girls

Cute Minnie on a cup, pink chocolate on pineapple, apples and strawberries, this is a wonderful gift for little girls for their birthday, holiday or their success.

od 749,00 Kč

Boy's fruit bouquet Cars

The original fruit bouquet for both little and big boys with a movie theme Cars is a beautiful gift that will delight and attract attention.

od 749,00 Kč

Cheerful Greeting

Cheerful greeting is the most delicious way to make your friends smiling.

od 749,00 Kč

Children Cake

Light and healthy children's cake is arranged with small cakes dipped in chocolate and decorated with colorful flowers from fondant will delight children as a gift and cake at the same time.

od 749,00 Kč

Sweet Story

This cake flower called Sweet Story contains of kakao popcakes and muffins dipped in white and milk belgium chocolate decorated with coconut and fondant flowers.

od 599,00 Kč

Colorful Strawberries

Colorful Strawberries is original fruit and chocolate boxes made ​​with fresh strawberries and quality chocolate with colorful sprinkles.

od 399,00 Kč

Bee muffins

od 349,00 Kč

Ladybugs muffins

od 349,00 Kč



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